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Our Profile

Qbic designs was founded in 2017 by Davin Irawan. On the basis of knowledge and experience that is the basis of Qbic to develop and design further architectural products according to the needs and demands of clients. Qbic designs are able to provide a fresh, attractive and innovative design in visualizing, presenting, and producing what the client wants. Through QBIC, clients can visualize and produce what is conceptualized into something tangible.

Qbic designs is a service consultant engaged in architectural fields, such as indoor and outdoor exhibition design services, architectural design of buildings, apartments, as well as architectural design products such as furniture, kitchen sets, etc. We also accept graphic design services for promoting client products to be more lively and interactive, and making architectural 3D videos that are useful in delivering architectural presentations in a more dynamic, communicative, and presentative manner from planning design concepts as outlined in video form.

Along with advances in information technology, the concept of increasing the company's "Brand Image" in the current era of globalization is increasing. Each company competes to display interesting concepts to promote their products so that they are easily recognized and remembered by the public, so that the Brand Awareness of a product increases. With all our experience in the retail industry, we will give our best to improve your company's brand awareness, through attractive designs and eye catching branding. In addition to design services, we also provide build services at affordable prices according to your financial needs and budget.

Our Team
Davin Irawan
Managing Director
Yolanda Jaunanda
Marketing Communication Specialist
Feby Trio Nanda
Project Designer
Project Designer